Colinton Nurseries' owners and founders are Marion Towers (Dip Ed) and Sandy Towers (BAcc CA).

Marion is Principal of Colinton Nurseries, and is a qualified teacher with significant private and public sector teaching and nursery management experience.  Sandy acts as Financial and Administration Director. 

At our nurseries there is an appropriate match between the needs of children and the current placement offered.

Children's placements are closely monitored. Managers and staff are knowledgeable about, and have a clear understanding of, relevant legislation relating to children with additional needs.

Management and staff work in partnership with all relevant professionals to ensure that the children reach their full potential.

Additional support needs.

An additional support need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning. The education authority has many legal duties towards children with additional support needs.

Information about this is contained in a booklet called In On The Act: Information For The General Public which is published on the education authority website at - or contact the additional support for learning team on telephone number 0131 469 3444.